The tourist office SilverStar Holidays was founded in 1998 by Stephen Hatzimanolis and Tania Pantonoglou . The great experiences
in the tourist area helped the entrance of the office in new and innovative for data Thessaloniki destinations .

The SilverStar and helped the Thessalonians and the wider northern Greece to experience the hidden wealth and charm of the island of Malta assembly , destination became over time the absolute specificity of the office ! And indeed, with direct flights from Thessaloniki to the airline of the island , the AirMalta!

With the same creative concern in the coming years , through the appropriate motions and cooperation with SyrianAir brought residents of northern Greece , for the first time , in contact with the Middle East absolute magic, the dream neighborhoods of Syria and Jordan .

The Byzantine Albania , a place loaded with vast memory and respect, is the next destination of the office , very well cared for by Stefanos Hatzimanoli .

Destinations that help any traveler to discover that every hiding place behind a deep and multi-layered history and tradition !

Faithful to the concerns and objectives that we set at the outset , we move in 2008 to the emergence of a new exotic destination , Persian poets and the origins of civilization.

We truly believe that the world , whereas the specificity , care of the overall tourism infrastructure and the quality of its programs SilverStar, will continue to surround us with love , giving us the necessary courage to create and achieve more and more goals.

Stefanos Chatzimanolis
Tania Pantonoglou